Toby saw Herzog’s “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” in Evesham Arts Centre in 1975, and it blew his mind. Since then he has been obsessed with film and has made films of varying length and quality since his teens.

He has also been a presenter and writer for BBC 2, Radio 4, MTV, Lonely Planet, and a widely-published portrait photographer. His feature-length documentary “The Man Whose Mind Exploded” was released on Netflix USA, having had a national cinema run with Picturehouse in the UK and several TV screenings with Film 4.

Toby makes experimental abstract shorts for himself and regularly makes films for SkyArts, Tate BritainChristie's ,Nowness, and  music videos.


The Guardian: Toby Amies's best photograph – a New York street as 9/11 happened

"This is a photograph of an atrocity – and I’m still slightly appalled that my response was to take a picture of it"

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House & Gardens: Great Gardens

"Las Pozas is a fascinating folly; English eccentricity in three dimensions, a surrealist tourist destination, and now the centre of a ripple of wonderful esoteric architecture that has spread into the neighboring town of Xilitla. Filming in it was a challenge, as it remains unfinished. It is still in a state of flux, as the structures and nature struggle to coexist." 

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Reading the Pictures:  9/11: Remarkably, A Photo from 14 Years Away

"Respectful of the anniversary but wary in advance about the inundation of imagery, I wasn’t expecting to post a 9/11 picture here this year — let alone, one more photo of the smoldering towers."

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The Telegraph: The Art of the American Road Trip

"I'd fallen in love with the idea of a road trip across North America in my twenties, thanks to a predictable but potent list of artists who celebrated American life on the move."

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